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The Formal Opening of the Carlton Cricket Academy

  The formal opening of the Carlton Cricket Academy, our second sports Academy following the opening of the Boxing Academy last January. As with the Boxing Academy, this is in partnership with a prominent local club (Salem Athletic), and hopes to enhance wider participation, healthy lifestyles, elite player development, as well as creating  ‘champion mind-sets’.  It will operate on week days (after 6pm) and weekends. There was some very good coverage in the Telegraph and Argus last Friday regarding the opening, as can be seen in the link below.     Telegraph and Argus Link  ...
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Press Release issued Wednesday 11th October 2017 at 2.30pm

Carlton Bolling is delighted to announce a new partnership with Salem Athletic Cricket Club in Bradford at the school’s brand new, multi-million pound sports centre.  The Carlton Academy of Sport is the brainchild of Adrian Kneeshaw, Headteacher of Carlton Bolling, who is passionate about offering the very best opportunities to this community. Headteacher Adrian Kneeshaw commented, “Carlton Bolling girls’ cricket team has had notable success over the past three years and our intention is to build on this by offering first class training and match play facilities on our new school site.  We will be offering the opportunity to students and members of the wider community to attend the Cricket Academy and we are particularly pleased that the hugely respected...
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Is your child studying for GCSEs?

If so, or if they will in the future, you might be interested to know that GCSEs in England are changing. The courses and exams have been changed to ensure that young people have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the 21st Century. The new GCSEs will ensure that students leave school better prepared for work or further study. They cover more challenging content and are designed to match standards in the strongest performing education systems elsewhere in the world…...
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