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Reaching Skywards!

As well as the addition of another enormous white crane to the BD3 skyline, the new school is progressing at an amazing speed with the ground floor almost complete and the first floor well on the way! ...
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Thursday 24th March 2016

Week 9 saw part of the concrete floor in place – the photograph below shows about one third of the footprint.  The concrete is delivered in cement trucks and transferred into a huge pump to be distributed out.  Over 1000 cubic metres were delivered in one day! Preparations continued on the ground floor with life shafts being dug and today the majority of the remaining floor area is being laid.  The photograph below shows the huge cement pump in action with contractors up to their knees in it smoothing it out. Below you can see delivery of ‘building blocks’ which will be used for the wall approaching the entrance to school.  These simply slot together as ‘lego’ and weigh in...
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