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We want every student to achieve their full potential. Homework enhances pupil learning, improves achievement and develops pupils’ study skills and as such is an integral part of the curriculum. Homework provision develops the skills and attitudes they will need for successful lifelong learning; supporting the development of independent learning skills and responsibility. Homework is an important diagnostic tool for teachers and learners. Parents are also provided with an opportunity to actively take part in their children’s education. Not all homework is done at home; in fact some pupils who find it hard to work at home, or for some tasks which may require resources (books, software, equipment) more readily available at school, it is necessary or desirable to carry out the task at school. For this we have two rooms available after school, Monday to Thursday 3.05 to 4.05; Whiz Kids in room A65 and the school library are open for all students to use to help them complete homework in school.

The intrinsic value of homework is more important than precise timings. For guidance:
1. Years 7 and 8 40 minutes per day
2. Year 9 60 minutes per day
3. Years 10 and 11 1 hour to 1.5 hours a day
4. Year 12 2 hours a day
5. Year 13 2 hours a day
We value quality not quantity. Students should be receiving homework from 2 subjects every night.

The timetable for this will be issued in the student’s planner.

• Homework should….
o Form a clear part of the course strategy and be a part of effective schemes of work.
o Be differentiated and appropriate to the needs of individuals.
o Be physically accessible by parents so that they can support, encourage and monitor their child at home.
• Homework can….
o Be set as smaller elements of a larger, long term, project.
o Use the Learning Gateway or I Am Learning as a method of setting and collecting homework.

The Learning Gateway is also another method of involving parents in homework (monitor homework set over the LG, know when that work is due and encourage/support the completion of it) and reminding students about homework. ‘I Am Learning’ is an element of our online homework provision. We continue to work towards developing the use of the LG for homework provision, school wide.

• Faculties should….
o Make sure that manageable and useful homework is part of their course schedules. Reliance on finishing class work for homework can place too much burden on some students and too light a demand on other students.
o Monitor the setting of homework as part of the school’s self-evaluation.
o Aim to provide a suitable bank of homework that staff can use with their classes.
o Include homework within their provision for rewards and negative sanctions.

• Teachers should…..
o Make sure homework is set once a week (or once a fortnight for subjects with only one lesson a week) and that students have a realistic time bound target for completion.
o Reward students for completing quality homework.
o Ensure that homework requirements are written in the student planner.
o Make sure students understand how their work will be assessed – what do they have to do to be successful?
o If appropriate to the task – mark homework according to CBC’s marking policy.
o Will keep a record of homework tasks as part of a lesson plan.
o Use SIMS to record and track homework.

• CBC should….
o Make sure that there are facilities for students to complete homework in their own time at school e.g. ‘Whiz kids’.
o Provide Learning Gateway homework training for staff.
o Make sure that staff have access to ICT.
o Provide study skills training for students.
o Communicate the homework policy and form a contract with parents.
o Quality Assurance of homework (quality and frequency) is led by the PiP Group (AHoF).

• Students should….
o Be given the responsibility for completing homework and organising their time outside of lessons every week.
o Work in partnership with their tutor towards successful time/homework management.
o Work in partnership with their mentor towards successful time/homework management.
o Take opportunities to work independently or in collaboration with other students outside of directed lesson time.
o Have their planner available in lessons and copy down instructions for the task and deadline into the planner.
o Check their planner regularly to monitor their assignments.
o Read and act upon their teacher’s advice when their work is returned.
o To inform the class teacher of any difficulties.
o Read daily to help improve literacy skills.

• Parents/guardians should….
o Have physical access to their child’s homework responsibilities either through the planner or the Learning Gateway.
o Have a homework contract with CBC to help their child work towards successful time/homework management.
o Have the opportunity to receive guidance in the importance of homework from CBC. Please contact the student’s teacher via their email address.
o Support their child in finding the time and space to complete their homework.