Ratified by Governing Body (date): September 2012

Signed on behalf of Governing Body:

Signed on behalf of Headteacher: Andy Taylor

Review date:

• Students are allowed to bring mobile phones and electronic devices (and headphones) into school – they should be kept out of sight once the student reaches the school gates, the simple rule is: “If we see it, or if we hear it, the student will hand it over politely to staff.”
• For this reason mobile phones and electronic devices and headphones must be switched off at all times during the school day, including break and lunchtimes, and remain off, whilst students are on the school premises
• Any student found with their mobile phone switched on within school will have the phone and SIM card confiscated. The confiscated phone will be passed on to the school reception desk for parents to collect. NB: THIS IS PARENTS ONLY.
• A phone will be held in a locked cabinet until the student’s parent collects it.