Policy Statement Outlining How Training Providers Can Request Access to Speak with Students



The school has the highest of aspirations for all students, and for them to pursue their optimal career pathway.  Therefore we actively encourage liaison with external training providers, so that the school and the students have the widest possible knowledge to make a fully informed progression in their education and career. This will have greatest relevance in Years 11-13 but we also encourage visits to younger age groups so they may have an earlier appreciation of what possible career paths they may wish to follow and what subjects they need to study

The way we will grant access to providers varies according to the projected level of relevance and interest to students. We would anticipate that providers with a broad offer, such as a Sixth Form College, would speak to a whole year group through an assembly or similar forum. By contrast, a small training provider offering a narrow range of training options will likely be offered a venue to suit the level of interest, which will probably be a classroom, library or similar smaller venue.

If you are a training provider who wishes to visit Carlton Bolling, please contact:

Inam Laher (Assistant Headteacher) via email i.laher@carltonbolling.co.uk