Interact Club of Omnium Sublimium Miraculorum Ceremony

The Carlton Bolling Interact Club of Omnium Sublimium Miraculorum, founded by Miss Carpenter and District Officer Pat Taylor, was officially chartered on the 11th of July in an after-school ceremony. Interact President Tangina Yasmin accepted the charter certificate and her “badge of office” from Bradford Rotary Club President David Akester, and other members of the club received lapel pins. The event was attended by governors, staff, parents, and guests from the Rotary Club. The club hosted their first fundraiser on the following day, raising £54 for Bradford Cancer Support. 


The purpose of the Interact club is to provide students with opportunities to perform good deeds at a local, national and international level. Students are given complete responsibility within the club, having the power to elect their own leaders and decide on their own fundraisers and events with support from staff. Club members have the opportunity to connect with important people in their community, develop employability skills, boost their CV and university applications, and belong to an international network with over 200,000 members. In the coming year, the club has decided to raise funds for Bradford Cancer Support, Mind (providing mental health support) and Mercy Worldwide.