One Britain One Nation



Friday 23rd June saw the culmination of months of work by former police inspector Kash Singh in his mission to set up One Britain One Nation in Bradford.  Many Bradford schools took part in the ‘Count Me In’ event and over 500 students and staff from Carlton Bolling were flying their flags for the initiative.

Mr Singh said, “This day will be an opportunity for all our children to showcase their love, pride and passion for our great nation and a chance to stand in solidarity with each other, to wave or fly the flag of our country for the kind, generous and tolerant people of our great nation.”.  He continued, “We all need to live in a society where everyone is pulling together to create a peaceful and respectful coexistence based on all that we share in common.”.

Students worked on a huge British Values display board which will be displayed in the new school, and the sense of British pride at the event was palpable.