Science Show – Performed by National Science Museum ( London)

On Thursday 9th November in the afternoon over 200 year 9 students had the opportunity to experience a thrilling science show delivered by the National Science Museum (London).  This was a 50 minute show which included a number of different experiments aimed to create awe and wonder for the world of science. This visually eye-catching show has strong links to the National Curriculum as well as links to space and the Soyuz capsule (this is the capsule in which the famous British astronaut Tim Peakes travelled to the International Space station and back).

On the day, the students experienced a number of live demonstrations which included the hydrogen balloons, rockets, use of liquid nitrogen as fuel and many more. The students thoroughly enjoyed the show. Huma Iqbal said “it was an amazing show and I really enjoyed it.  It was a chance for me to learn more about science and space through live demonstrations. It made me more interested in the world of science.  I particularly enjoyed the rocket and the hydrogen balloon explosion in the dark, which was all linked to the different fuels used by the rockets going into space.”

The National Science Museum team were thoroughly impressed with the enthusiasm and engagement shown by the students as they were true ambassadors of Carlton Bolling’s ethos and values.  The feedback from the team was “we loved delivering the show to such an enthusiastic group and it has been one of the best receptions we have received from all the schools, they were truly amazing and we look forward to welcoming many more opportunities for your students to enjoy.”



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