Students Travel by ‘Google Expeditions’

On Tuesday 25th April we had the pleasure of welcoming Google into the school to help deliver virtual reality fieldtrips for over 300 students.  With Google Expeditions, teachers can take students on immersive trips to destinations across the globe, in just one 30 minute session, students were taken to Rio, Sao Paulo, Venice, the North Pole and even underneath the sea to the Coral Reef in Australia.

The purpose of the day was to enthuse students about geography and give them a different perspective of the places they are studying.  The sessions were well received by staff and students alike.  Year 9 student Alysha Valeem said, “It was a really good day and taught us a lot about the places we are studying.  It was great to feel like you are there instead of just looking at photographs.  I particularly enjoyed seeing Antarctica and learning about the wildlife there and their habitats.”

The team from Google were impressed with the attitude of our students.  They were certainly a credit to the school and we look forward to more opportunities using this style of lesson in the future.