S C H O O L   A P P E A L S

Admissions Appeals Panels

Parents have the right to express a preference for the school they would like their child to attend.  If a place at that school cannot be offered, parents then have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel.  A School Admissions Appeals Panel hears such appeals.


W H O   C A N   B E   A   PANEL   M E M B E R ?

YOU – You can be either a lay person or a person with education experience.

If you have no personal experience of the provision of education or the management of a school and if you have no present or past connection with Bradford Council that would affect your ability to be impartial you would be a lay person. This includes a connection with another person linked to the Council. It is important to note that being a School Governor does not disqualify you.

If you are acquainted with educational conditions in the District or are the parent of a registered pupil in school in the District you can be a person with education experience.

We have to know which category you would prefer to be registered as because  we have to make up panels with a 2:1 ratio of the two different types of panel member.

W H A T   W I L L   I   B E   D O I N G ?

You will come to City Hall to be part of a School Appeals Panel.  Meetings of these Panels normally last a full day, but can last for several days. You will listen to information from the Admission Authority and from parents or their representatives about each appeal.  You and your fellow Panel members will then make a decision about each appeal.  Before you can hear appeals for the first time, you will be given comprehensive training.


W H A T’ S   I N   I T   F O R   M E ?

The knowledge that you are doing a worthwhile job for schools and children in your own area.  School Appeals are an important part of Bradford Council’s commitment to providing quality service and we need you to come forward to make sure we can continue to provide that service.  Travelling and subsistence allowances are payable.