Parent – College Partnership


parental responsibilities

I/we will:

– Ensure that my child attends every day.

– Inform College of the reasons for any absence or lateness.

– Ensure that my child follows College rules.

– Support my child in learning at home.

– Attend Parents’ Evenings.

– Read, check and sign the student planner each week.

– Inform College of any concerns.

– Read & act upon all information sent home.

– Read and support the College’s Behaviour Policy.

– Agree for photographs/images of my child to be used by College for promotional purposes.

– Agree for my child to be part of the use of the fingerprint system within school to enable the purchase of school meals.

Please note – If you are not happy to agree to any or all of the above conditions, it is important that you inform the school of your concerns. You must do this in a letter to the school where it will be retained on file for future reference. If you do not do this, then the school will assume that you agree to all the above.

college responsibilities

We will:

– Meet the College aims for all students

– Uphold College rules, following the Behaviour Policy

– Report on academic progress, effort, behaviour & attendance five times per year

– Arrange Consultation Evenings each year

– Set, mark & monitor homework & classwork

– Provide opportunities for homework clubs & revision classes

– Contact home if a student is absent without explanation or is regularly late

– Regularly send letters & information home

– Offer a large range of A level/Applied A level/Level 2/Level 1 courses for Post-16.

– Prepare & enter students for public examinations

– Provide careers education information

– Provide appropriate protection regarding access to the Internet.

student’s responsibilities

I will:

– Follow College rules

– Attend every day

– Remain on site unless signed out by Student Support Leader

– Do all homework & meet all deadlines

– Keep the student planner up to date

– Take letters & information home

– Use the Internet/ICT facilities responsibly