Letters for Parent/Carer                                    Click here for Letters regarding corona virus situation

Letter to parents (Possible re-opening of school to more children in June)    20/05/2020

Corona virus letter to families                                                                                   06/04/2020

Summer_2020_grades_guidance_for_teachers_students_parents              04/04/2020

Further details on exams and grades announced                                                 31/03/2020

Partial Closure due for Coronavirus                                                                        18/03/2020

Coronavirus Update                                                                                                   05/03/2020

Carlton Bolling Newsletter – Issue 1                                                                       20/12/2019

Paris letter to parents July 2020                                                                           10/10/2019

Year 7 and Year 8 Tech Payment                                                                           23/09/2019

Keeping Children and Young People Safe in a Complex World                    17/09/2019

Parent/Guardian Communication                                                                      13/06/2019

Parent/Guardian Communication                                                                     18/07/2019

Year 10  GCSE Grading                                                       May/2020

Year 10 English Literature PPE (mock) Exam advice   17/01/2020

Y10 Parents Evening letter   25.11.19