Pastoral care is a fundamental part of Post16 provision at Carlton Bolling College to support our young people in reaching their full academic and citizenship potential.  This is done by promoting a culture in which all our students are cared for, valued and encouraged throughout their time in school.  Each young person is motivated to succeed and for some, helping them to overcome their individual barriers and challenges is the key to their success.  The Post 16 Student Support Leaders are there to support students in their progression to become resilient and independent and to confidently face life’s challenges.

Our staff are approachable and believe in providing a holistic approach that nurtures strong relationships through effective guidance and opportunities. This approach allows students to develop their own self-awareness, confidence and skills to ultimately improve their academic performance.  Pastoral staff are trained to support students as they prepare to progress into the world of work or further education, advising on career paths or applications to university.