Post 16 Dress Code

Students are not expected to wear a school uniform during their time at Post 16 but we do ask that they give some thought to what they wear and the impression that they give about      Post 16 students to younger pupils, staff and any visitors to the college.

With this in mind, Post 16 students have elected to dress in smart business wear at all times, following the basic rules below:

·         Smart, plain trousers only should be worn. No denim, corduroy, shorts, tracksuit     combat, cargo trousers or jeggings should be worn

·         Smart long or short sleeved shirts only should be worn

·          Plain jumpers only without logos etc.

·         Ties are optional

·         Smart Polo shirts

·         Students may wear traditional Muslim dress (jubba) should they choose to do so but without hoods

·         Sensible shoes only should be worn (flat or with a moderate heel). Trainers should not be worn

·         Skirts and dresses should be knee length at least

·         Leggings should not be worn unless under dresses/skirts

·         Students should not wear hoods or cover their faces around school.

·         Post 16 students should not wear outdoor clothing in lessons

Additionally, for safeguarding reasons, all Post 16 students are also expected to wear their  lanyards at all times when in the college and school building with the strap and badge clearly showing.


Multiple ear piercings and/or other piercings are not allowed. Students will be asked to remove them.