Welcome to Carlton Bolling College Post-16 Prospectus.

I am proud to report that last year was another record year for A Level and vocational results in our Post 16 and many of our Year 13 students recently moved on to universities around the country to study in a broad range of subjects including Medicine, Law, Social Work, Childcare, Mathematics and English, whilst others have been successful in gaining the apprenticeship or employment of their choice.

Our number one priority throughout Carlton Bolling College is to deliver excellence in teaching and learning within a caring, respectful and exciting environment, by a highly skilled and committed team of teaching staff.  We use rigorous data collections to ensure all students are making expected or above expected progress during their time in Post 16.

Each student is constantly aware of their targets and how to achieve them by working closely with our dedicated Raising Standards Leaders.

We are able to offer a broad Post-16 curriculum in both A Levels and Vocational subjects and students are also presented with plentiful opportunities to develop their social and personal skills during their time here with an emphasis on leadership.

Standards and expectations at Post-16 are high with regard to attendance, behaviour, presentation and attitude to learning and this message is reinforced at all times whilst in College.  Students leave the College as well-rounded individuals, equipped for the next stage of their lives whether it be in higher education or employment.

We look forward to working with students and parents/carers on the next stage of our exciting journey as a school our community can justifiably be proud of.

Adrian Kneeshaw,


Head Teacher Adrian Kneeshaw






Welcome to POST-16

Carlton Bolling College is an oversubscribed 11-18 school of 1500 of which 300 are in the Post 16, which continues to grow year on year. We are committed to providing the highest standard of education for all our students.

Dear Student,

I am pleased that you are considering joining our Post 16 next September; it is a first class place to work and learn. You will study fewer subjects but in greater depth and will need to be willing and able to work independently. 

As a young adult, you will have much more responsibility and privileges in Post 16 and younger students will look to you as role models.  As leaders, expectations of our Post-16 students are high and you are required to aspire to 100% attendance.  Of course, the days of wearing school uniform are behind you, but we have a strict dress and behaviour code for our Post-16 students too!

As well as academic and vocational studies there are many other opportunities which will become available to you as you progress through Post-16.  You could become a student mentor or a Charity Ambassador; you may like to participate in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or represent school in sport as a Sports Leader; or perhaps running a small business or leading an assembly appeals to the entrepreneur in you!

We set high standards of work, and have high expectations of you, both as learners and as mentors to our younger students. In return, you can expect excellent teaching, inspiring a love of learning, and you will receive individual expert help and advice regarding your progression routes to university, higher education and employment.

At the moment you will be thinking carefully about very important decisions relating to your future: what to do next year; what courses to take; where to study or apply for alternative courses or apprenticeships.  We are delighted that you are considering an application to Carlton Bolling College, and look forward to discussing your options with you and giving you support and guidance at our Post-16 Open Event. Here you will have the opportunity to discuss subject options with teachers, as well as getting careers advice, guidance about university admissions and information about all the enrichment activities we offer at Carlton Bolling College. It is from these discussions that you will make your options choices. Your options will be based on your predicted grades so it is important that you demonstrate your potential in class and in your mock exams. If you are offered a place with us, this offer is conditional on you gaining the required grades in August.

We are keen to support you through this exciting and important transition.  If you would like any more information, including application criteria and deadlines, or to arrange a visit to the College, please contact Post-16 Raising Standards Leader, Donna Edmondson d.edmondson@carltonbolling.co.uk

Yours sincerely,

I Laher

Assistant Headteacher Curriculum



Post 16 students have elected to dress in smart business wear whilst in College, following the basic rules below:

In particular, Carlton Bolling College offers you:

  • an individually tailored timetable, agreed from a wide range of subjects and following on from Years 10 and 11, thus ensuring continuity
  • teaching in smaller groups with teachers whose ways you already know and possibly who know you
  • facilities separate from other year groups, including a common room
  • visits, activities and other events connected with your studies
  • a support programme providing advice and discussion on life and study skills and regular consultations on your progress with your Form Tutor
  • the companionship of established friends
  • the opportunity to take on responsibilities both within and beyond the school community and so mature into a responsible young adult
  • professional help to guide you through application procedures for colleges and universities
  • a strong careers support system
  • references written by teachers who know you well
  • social events arranged both by the school and by your own Post-16 Committee; these have included end of term parties and the Post-16 end of year prom
  • above all, staff who CARE and who are ready to encourage, explain and at all times support you through your time as a Post-16 student


Post-16 Finance

Students will be assessed for eligibility and will need to submit an application for a grant.  The Post-16 Student Support Leaders will guide you with your application and inform you whether you could qualify.


Post-16 COURSES – FAQs


These fall into two broad categories: BTEC Vocational courses and A-Levels.


Vocational courses focus on a particular area of work. They are designed to give you specific knowledge and skills and prepare you for the world of work. BTECs are practical courses rather than theory courses.


If you have already decided the area in which you would like to work then a vocational course in that area may be your best choice. They are full time courses which include compulsory work placements to enable you to put your skills into practice in the workplace.


These are advanced courses studied over a period of two years. They may extend the work you have been doing in GCSE (as in English, Modern Languages or Maths for example) or you may start completely new subjects (such as Media Studies, Sociology, Psychology, or Business Studies). The level of study is much higher than that demanded by GCSE.


To complement both the A-level and vocational programmes we offer a wide range of additional opportunities from working with the Charity Committee, Community Organisations, Student Council, mentoring younger students, participating in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, curriculum related visits and reward trips – the sky’s the limit!


Being a Post-16 student requires you taking personal responsibility for your own learning and behaviour. This means using your study periods wisely and observing the following:

  • We expect you to be committed to your work especially as you will have to do much of it on your own.
  • We expect an exemplary attendance record. All medical appointments should be made outside of lesson time except in the case of emergencies.
  • We expect you to become involved in many of the Post-16 activities for your own personal development.
  • We require you to have gained the necessary GCSE results for your chosen course at Post-16.
  • We expect you to maintain the excellent atmosphere at Carlton Bolling College by working with staff to uphold our values.
  • We expect you to keep all working/leisure areas that are available to the Post-16 group in a tidy, clean and litter free condition.
  • Many of you will visit other places; we ask you to remember that you are ambassadors of Carlton Bolling College and that in all circumstances your behaviour and attitude should be exemplary.
  • We expect you to dress appropriately for the workplace in line with the Dress Code.
  • Finally, we hope not to have to use sanctions against any of our Post-16 students. If, however, you fail to measure up to our standards of work, attendance or behaviour as outlined above, we would, after warnings and consultation with your parents, ask you to leave.