At Carlton Bolling College our curriculum is designed to promote our ethos of excellence for all and maximise the potential of every learner. We aim to create a curriculum that meets the needs of every student whilst offering the opportunity to experience, enjoy and succeed in a wide range of subjects. We believe strongly in the importance of the basic keys skills of literacy and numeracy and that these form the foundation for achieving progress in all subjects areas. The broad and balanced curriculum we provide is crucial to the development of well-rounded learners who have the opportunity to progress into Sixth Form and beyond in an ever changing world.

In addition to academic study there is a full tutorial programme which covers careers advice and guidance, enterprise, keeping safe, British values and sex and relationships education.

At Key stage 3 (years 7 and 8) students follow a timetable that is broad and balanced and meets statutory requirements. We have a 58 period timetable across the school which operates over two weeks. Throughout this curriculum we develop students` broader skills of emotional intelligence, confidence, resilience and independent learning.

Subject Year 7 Year 8
Number of periods Number of periods
English 10 10
Mathematics 10 10
Science 6 6
Humanities 5 5
Languages 5 5
Art 4 4
Technology 4 4
Performing Arts 4 4
IT 4 4
PE 4 4
RE 2 2


At Key stage 4 (years 9, 10 and 11) students follow a curriculum that leads to them taking their GCSE and BTEC examinations. The main focus is to allow students to follow a curriculum suited to their needs, abilities and interests. By starting our Key stage 4 curriculum in Year 9 this will allow more time for our students to develop a deeper understanding of the subjects that they are studying. The KS4 curriculum is now completely aligned with the new Progress/Attainment 8 performance framework, which will be the new system of school accountability from 2016.

This places subjects in to 3 categories or ‘buckets’:

‘Bucket 1’

Comprises 2 compulsory subjects studied for 10 periods a fortnight:

English (Language & Literature)



‘Bucket 2’

Comprises 3 subjects from:

Science (Triple or Combined\9087654321 Science)

Modern Foreign Language – Spanish, French, Polish, Urdu

Computer Science



Students study a Science, with Triple Award representing 3 choices, Double Science 2 and Single Award 1. All Science pathways are allocated at least 8 periods per fortnight as the first subject in this ‘bucket’, with 6 periods per fortnight for the remaining two choices.


‘Bucket 3’

Students make 3 choices from the following subjects, with 5 periods per fortnight allocated to each subject:

Art & Design (GCSE)

Art photography (GCSE)

Business (BTEC)

Construction (BTEC)

Design Technology: Graphic Products (GCSE)

Design Technology: Resistant Materials (GCSE)

Expressive Arts (BTEC)

Food Preparation and Nutrition (GCSE)

Geography (GCSE)

Health & Social Care (BTEC)

History (GCSE)


Music (GCSE)

Psychology (GCSE)

Sport (BTEC)

Textiles Design (GCSE)


Other Compulsory Subjects

Religious Education (GCSE) – 2 periods per fortnight

Physical Education – 2 periods per fortnight

PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education) through the tutor time programme and bespoke workshops.

At Key stage 5, following high quality and impartial careers advice and guidance during year 11 we offer a range of Level 2 and Level 3 courses designed to meet the needs of our students. The majority of courses are level 3 (A level and equivalent) courses, with a minority of level 2 (GCSE equivalent) programmes.

GCSE English Language and Maths are studied by students who have not achieved a level 5 at KS4.

Level 3 Courses

Here students have a free choice of 3 subjects from 4 option blocks, provided they have met the subject entry requirements for each.  A small minority of students, with an A grade average from GCSE studies, are given the opportunity to study 4 subjects. Each option block is allocated 14 periods per two-week timetable period, students also have independent study and skills sessions on their timetable. PSHCE is taught through the tutor time programme and bespoke workshops.

Subjects offered include:

Applied Science (Vocl)

Biology (A level)

Business Studies (Voc)

Chemistry (A level)

Construction & the Built Environment (Voc)

Criminology (A level)

English Language (A level)

English Literature (A level)

Financial Studies (Voc)

Health & Social Care (Voc)

Mathematics (A level)

Photography (A level)

Physics (A level)

Psychology (A level)

Religious Studies (A level)

Sport (Voc)

Level 2 Courses

All students study GCSE English and Maths for 10 periods each per fortnight.

Students make 3 choices from the following subjects, with 10 periods per fortnight allocated to each subject:

Food and Cooking (NCFE)

Travel and Tourism (BTEC)

Construction (BTEC)