Samsung VR bus for the students to experience life in space

On Thursday 7th December Carlton Bolling had the opportunity to welcome the Samsung VR bus for the students to experience life in space.  This event was to mark the voyage of Tim Peake to the international space station and back.  The Samsung bus allowed students to experience the descent in the Soyuz capsule in virtual reality without leaving the comfort of their seats.  Students explored the science of space on board the ISS and took part in the interactive and immersive 360° experience.

Students first trained on how to become fully pledged astronauts in the lower deck of the bus which included the use of high tech equipment such as Samsung tablets and sensors to transport you into space in astronaut suits.  After training the students were then ready to strap in and experience their journey to space and back down to earth.

The aim of the workshop was to provide an interactive session to allow students to enhance their understanding on space physics, which forms a core part of their syllabus.  This was enjoyed by many science enthusiasts and some even quoted that this event had inspired them to pursue a career in space physics or become astronauts.

Hanzalah said ‘I really enjoyed experiencing what it feels like being in space and learning about the forces.  The interactive part of this made me learn more about space and I look forward to building this in my science lessons.  It was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to other schools’.

Kaiynaat said ‘this was a good experience for me and all my friends and I wish we can do this again.  This made me enjoy science even more and I am now considering a career the field of space.    The Samsung team were really helpful and Miss Hamid was on hand to explain all the science involved in the landing of the capsule and the effect of different forces.  I would like to thank Miss Hamid for providing this experience to us and for opening the doors to the wonders of science. ‘


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