Year 10 students visit to Cambridge University

Year 10 students visit to Cambridge University

During the Easter holidays, I participated in a scheme at the University of Cambridge; this scheme was specifically aimed for students who are from a Bangladeshi, Pakistani or Arab background. The purpose of the scheme was to motivate young students so that they have high aspirations and don’t feel that their cultural background could be a hindering factor when applying to Oxbridge universities.

The scheme was four days long and it was a very enriching experience. I had the opportunity to work alongside students from all over the country; there were students from Wales, the Midlands, London and more.

Throughout my stay I attended three lectures around the following subjects; biological sciences, physical sciences and art & humanities.

One thing that I really enjoyed about Cambridge was the city itself. I loved exploring the other colleges and the town centre, where I was able to soak in the scenery of Cambridge and embrace all that the city has to offer.

Besides embracing the city and college campuses, I was able to learn from both students and teachers of the university by being given the opportunity to listen to their own experiences in the college and how they overcame any difficulties.

Overall the experience was just amazing, and I am looking forward to be going back next year!



Sana Ahmed