Covid 19 Home Testing Information

Covid 19 Home Testing Information for Parents/Carers and Students

We have now completed our testing in school.  Thank you to those students and families who have given their consent for this to happen.

We are now moving into the next phase of testing, which you will do at home.  We have ‘trained’ the students at school during the last week, when they have undertaken their tests in school and so they now know how they should swab their throat and nose.

All students who have given their consent have been provided :

  • with a number of home-testing Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) for use at home
  • A letter explaining the process for testing and reporting the results of the test
  • A leaflet with full instructions about the testing and reporting process

Students must do 2 tests each week.  We recommend they do these on Wednesdays and Sundays so that they get into the routine.

The tests take 20 – 30 minutes to show a result.  Instructions are in the leaflet (one line at the top = negative, two lines = positive, no lines = void so repeat the test)

Full instructions about how to perform the tests and read the results are in the information leaflet we have provided.

There is also a video which explains each stage really clearly and we recommend that you watch it before you take the first test

We need to know at school if the test is positive so that we can identify any close contacts in school.  You must phone and tell us straight away.

If the test is positive YOU MUST follow the self isolation process for your child and the family close contacts.  You need to book a PCR test to confirm the positive result.

YOU MUST report all test results (positive, negative or void) onto the NHS track and trace website

If you have a problem with the test kit (it is damaged or it does not contain the complete equipment) or the testing (e.g. it causes an allergic reaction or bleeding) you should report this to the NHS help site at .

In the event of a medical emergency caused during testing you should call 999 or 111 depending on the urgency.

Family members are also eligible to undertake the Lateral Flow Testing because you are deemed close contacts. You will need to order these online for yourself to use.  The kits provided by school and for the sole use of your child.

The British Islamic Medical association view is that taking the test during Ramadan does not invalidate the fast.  If you have concerns about testing during Ramadan, please refer to local Islamic Scholars and healthcare professionals for further information and advice.