Home Learning


Continuation of Learning Plan if school closure for a prolonged period


  • Staff to communicate to pupils via Google Classrooms
  • Staff to communicate to each other/SLT via school email
  • Students to follow their ‘normal’ timetable,complete the work set and send to their teacher via Google Classrooms
  • Other core learning to complete:
    • Daily Reading
    • Other revision tasks for public exams (GCSEs)  (Y10,Y11)
  • School based message to parents explaining the above and the expectations from parents to support this Via the school website

Safeguarding Information and Support Services


  • Mrs Byrne can be contacted on 01274 648629 between the hours of 7am and 6pm if you need help, advice or support. If, however you feel you are at risk of immediate harm or danger then you must call 999.
  • If you need emotional support then please log on to the following websites:
    • NSPCC.org.uk
    • Kooth.com
    • Youngminds.org.uk – Exam Stress
    • Childline.org.uk