Rewards Policy

Rewards Policy

At Carlton Bolling our Rewards policy is underpinned by our Habits of Excellence culture. We believe that all our young people can achieve both academic and personal success by mastering the six key principles: High Expectations, Achievement & Progress, Belonging, Innovation, Tenacity and Self Discipline. Once mastered during their time here at Carlton Bolling our students go on to achieve great success.

H High Expectations

Excellent attendance, team working, book pride, consistency in completing homework and classwork to a high standard, going the extra mile, focused on learning

A Achievement and Progress

Achieving stretch and challenge targets, on track for and/or exceeding progress (P8)

B Belonging

Looking smart and wearing full uniform, demonstrating pride in the school, representing the school on visits, trips and with visitors

I Innovation

Creative approaches, exciting ideas, problem solving, seeking solutions, seeking challenges, can-do approach, investigating, critical thinking

T Tenacity

Overcoming barriers, resilience in lessons, improvement in behaviour, competitive, independent learning (3b4me), not giving up, positive mental attitude, hard-working, learns from mistakes, makes no excuses, accepting responsibility, fearless of failure

S Self-Disciplined

Attending stretch/intervention, completing home learning, well prepared, fully equipped for learning, self-managing choosing healthy lifestyles, self-motivated

To encourage the development of these habits we also reward our students for displaying them in lessons, the school and the wider community. Every half term rewards data is analysed and students achieving the highest amount of rewards points receives a certificate of achievement and a cash voucher. The student that has also obtained the highest in school is further rewarded with the above and a unique Habits of Excellence trophy!