School Gateway

School Gateway App Demonstration

E-communication and paying for school dinners

We use School Gateway for communicating a whole range of items to parents including topping up dinner money.

Payments & Dinner Money

This allows parents/carers to login and put money on the students’ lunch account pay for trips or even revision books. It avoids having to find money to give to your child each day and lets you top up and check their lunch account anytime together with what they have spent money on. It also avoids queuing to top money up in school.

Achievement and Behaviour

Receive your child’s latest achievement or behaviour points every day, which will keep you up to date with their progress in school.


Advise school of absences and keep track of your child’s attendance rate.


Receive school reports straight to your phone so you stay up to date with your child’s progress.


View your child’s school timetable via the app, website and now the Apple Watch. A good conversation prompt and can help save last minute P.E kit dramas

We do need each child’s main contact’s email address and mobile phone number so this facility can be available for you. If the school hasn’t got these please ring the school with your email address and/or mobile phone number so we can update them.

Registering with the School Gateway

Follow the below instructions it will take no more than a couple of minutes:-

Get the App free available on the App store or Google Play.



         1. Register

Register using the same email address and mobile number held by the school

2. Four digit PIN

School Gateway will send you a text with your PIN (save you pin as this is your password)

         3. Login

Login, you are ready to go


Also available without app here