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School Workforce:  those employed or otherwise engaged to work at a school or the Local Authority

Privacy Notice – Data Protection Act 1998

We Carlton Bolling College are the Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act.

Personal data is held by the school about those employed or otherwise engaged to work at the school or Local Authority. This is to assist in the smooth running of the school and/or enable individuals to be paid. The collection of this information will benefit both national and local users by:


  • Improving the management of school workforce data across the sector
  • Enabling a comprehensive picture of the workforce and how it is deployed to be built up
  • Informing the development of recruitment and retention policies
  • Allowing better financial modeling and planning
  • Enabling ethnicity and disability monitoring
  • Supporting the work of the School Teacher Review Body and the School Support Staff Negotiating Body

This personal data includes some or all of the following – identifiers such as name and National Insurance Number and characteristics such as ethnic group; employment contract and remuneration details, qualifications and absence information.

We will not give information about you to anyone outside the school or Local Authority (LA) without your consent unless the law and our rules allow us to.

We are required by law to pass on some of this data to:


  • the Local Authority
  • the Department for Education (DfE)

If you require more information about how the LA and/or DfE store and use this data please go to the following websites:

If you are unable to access these websites, please contact the LA or DfE as follows:

Jackie Atkinson (Human Resources)

City of Bradford MDC

Future House

Bolling Road

Bradford, BD4 7EB



Telephone:      01274 385999

Public Communications Unit

Department for Education
Sanctuary Buildings
Great Smith Street
London, SW1P 3BT



Telephone:      0870 000 2288.