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Comprises of extra-curricular activities and Intervention classes delivered by all the faculties in school.

STRETCH! Is Carlton Bolling’s integrated after school programme.  The STRETCH! activities are designed to broaden and develop the mind and body. Students have regular opportunities to visit museums, exhibitions and theatres, as well as longer residential trips both within the UK and abroad. We use various agencies to support our extra-curricular work and also aim to support students in gaining accreditation. The school holds competitive fixtures against other schools which take place after school in sports such as football, cricket and debating club. We also run a series of study support lessons for a range of subjects throughout each year, with targeted intervention strategies at key points in KS3, Years 10, 11 and Sixth Form. This programme includes subject surgeries, master classes and special holiday sessions.

All activities are FREE. The following pages list the daily activities from September 2015.  Other activities will be added throughout the year depending upon demand. So many choices can seem overwhelming, but getting involved in new activities with new people is a fun way to challenge yourself. Here are some basics and benefits of getting involved.

Benefits of Extracurricular Activities: So what’s in it for you? You are able to explore your physical, creative, social, political, and career interests with like-minded people. You’ll make new friends; trying something different may bring you into contact with people you didn’t know who share your interests and curiosity. You can get involved with groups as a way to find support from other students. A club or group also can be a great way to meet people who are different from you. Lots of youth programs bring people together with those who are different as a way to break down barriers. Participating in extracurricular activities helps you in other ways, too!  It will enhance your college and job applications and shows admissions officers and employers you’re well-rounded and responsible. Specific activities help with specific goals. Enjoy and have Fun! Mr Laher

Fun Extra Curricular

Stretch outline 2019 – 2020

Week 1 Week 2
Monday Maths Maths
Tuesday Science Science
Wednesday English English
Thursday EBACC Creative Studies  Technical Studies
Friday EBACC Creative Studies  Technical Studies