Carlton Bolling Uniform and Equipment

Uniform is COMPULSORY at Carlton Bolling. Lanyards/Student ID cards and timetables must be worn at all times. All students MUST have a school bag and be fully equipped for learning. Students must have their Knowledge folders with them every day alongside their school planner.

Lanyards in year colour

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 10


Year 11


Equipment list

  • Blue/black pen
  • Red pen
  • Pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Coloured pencils
  • Pencil case
  • School bag
  • Planner


  • Coloured lanyard with timetable/ID card
  • Plain black school shoes (no trainers or canvas/fabric or boots)
  • Blazer with School logo 
  • Black School trousers (NOT Jeans/Leggings)
  • White buttoned shirt, worn tucked into trousers/skirt and with top button done up with school tie
  • Black Jumper with School logo (wearing the jumper is optional)
  • Tie
  • Black Socks
  • Girls’ traditional dress is permitted but must conform to the following:  
  • Plain black Abaya (no embroidery/lace/edging)
  • Plain Black Headscarf
  • White Shirt with school tie worn below abaya
  • Only the school jumper with logo is allowed. No other jumper or cardigan is allowed.

PE kit for all students


School logo – T shirt                                                         

School logo black tracksuit bottoms             

School logo black hooded top                                  

White sports socks                                         

Trainers with gripped soles

Optional plain black shorts

All items should be marked with the owner’s name: please place iron-on initials on the kit.

Parents/carers in receipt of Income Support may qualify for a uniform grant.  Please enquire at school reception or telephone 01274 633111 for details on how to apply.

Further Guidance

  • Outdoor clothing must NOT be worn in the building.
  • We reserve the right to send students home who are persistently not in uniform.
  • One pair of small stud-type earrings are allowed. Multiple ear piercings and/or other piercings are not allowed. Students will be asked to remove them and they will be confiscated.
  • Other Jewellery must not be worn. Only a watch is permitted.  Items of jewellery will be confiscated
  • No unnatural coloured hair or extreme hairstyles (including ‘tram lines’ and other pattern etchings) are permitted in school.
  • No makeup, false eyelashes, cosmetic contact lenses or false nails are allowed

Suppliers of Carlton Bolling Uniform are:

  • Natasha’s School wear, 12 St John Street, Bradford BD12QZ, telephone 01274 724676
  • Academia Uniforms, 11A Edward Street, Bradford BD4 7BH telephone 01274 735527
  • The Uniform Shop, 54 Darley Street, Bradford BD1 3HN, telephone 01274 736300
  • Windsor Shoes, 339 Thornton Road, Girlington Bradford BD8 9ER, telephone 01274 495016
  • Plain Black Abayas can be bought from MD Garments – 17 Bradford Plaza

Planners will form the most important tool for home-school communication.

If for any reason you lose your Planner, you need to inform your Head of year who will ask for your parent pay account to be allocated a planner payment (£3.00). Once this had been paid your Head of year will give you a replacement planner.

All students are expected to make sure they are prepared for school.

We strongly advise you to buy a dictionary to help you improve spelling and grammar.

Other items that may be useful will depend on the subject areas eg: compass, protractor and calculator for when you have Maths. You will not need Tipp-ex as it is not allowed at Carlton Bolling

Mobile Phones

If you carry a mobile phone, it is your responsibility. It must be switched off during lesson

times. It is forbidden to use a mobile phone during the school day, or in school grounds. If you use your mobile phone during this time it will be confiscated and returned to you at the end of the week at 1:00pm.

School uniform vouchers will be available to collect in school from w/c Monday 24th August between 9am – 2pm